• Get Free Version For Each Product and take trial for it.
  • Get Android apps for Teachers and students.
  • Video Security system to secure your Video.
VSecure is a video encryption system which will help you in securing your video content with a robust encryption system and creating a structured product to distribute among students or virtual centers.
  • Encrypt all your video content to make it secure and prevent for getting it opened by anyone.
  • Protect encrypted files during play as the file is never stored in file system.
  • Protect your videos from screen capture, Remote desktop and any other method to copy.
  • Add watermark to video to detect the location of copy.
  • Add restriction on number of views and total viewing time for each Video.
  • Set validity to play the videos.
  • Distribute videos on DVD, USB or Online.

VSecure comes with three modules which helps you in managing the Encryption, Distribution, Registration and tracking of the course.

Video Encryption CMS

  • CMS allows you to create course content by organizing it systematically as course, Subject and Topic
  • Add your video lectures and arrange it systematically.
  • Encrypt all your video lectures.
  • Configure your product settings like Validity, Number of views, View time, Allow videos to be played on projector, Trial facility and other settings
  • Add watermark settings
  • Create product with all data published.

Video Player

  • The video player allows user to play the videos at user end.
  • The video can be played only once user register the player on that computer.
  • The player protects the videos from getting screen captured.
  • The player displays watermark and machine information to protect the video from piracy and also in case of piracy it detects the user from where the data got pirated.
  • The player keeps track of user information about number of views, Total time for which it got played and validity.
  • The player keeps track of all the details of student video play information.

Web Based ERP and Registration system

  • Keep track of all the products created and distributed among students.
  • Keep track of payments made for the products.
  • Keep track of all the registered products and views keys provided.
  • Keep track of all the users registered.
  • API for online registration and SMS based registration.
  • API to integrate with ecommerce sites.

Customization and Support

  • Customize the user interface as per your requirements.
  • Get free technical support for one month.
  • Get free product updates for six months.
  • Let student take test on various topics using the application
  • Get consultancy on video recording and editing.


Knowtulus offers unique services to teachers which will make them technology enabled and utilize the technology to promote themselves in better and most effective way.

Data Digitization

Knowtulus offers help in having strong digital presence by converting all your data in digital format that can help in better management of your content

Video Encryption and Security

If you want to expand your base and reach out to people who cannot be part of your physical coaching, we will help you in creating your video lectures and help you in making it reach maximum number of audience who can learn on their laptops by watching videos, but it very secure way.

Customized Website

Get a nice customized website to have strong web presence.

Android Based Application

Get android application under your own brand name.

Our Clients

A.S Fondation(Pune), ATAcademy(Mumbai), Farooq Haque Classes(Nagpur),Goel Classes (Pune),Agrawal Classes (Pune)