• Get Free Version For Each Product and take trial for it.
  • Get Android apps for Teachers and students.
  • Video Security system to secure your Video.
Have a strong web presence and harness the advent of technology in education by using our Unique Learning Management System (LMS).
  • Our LMS facilitates your students with a powerful tool which will help them in improve the way they study
  • It will also be a great tool to market yourself to reach your targets effectively


A learning management system (LMS) is a software application for the administration, documentation, tracking, reporting and delivery of electronic educational technology (also called e-learning) education courses or training programs.

Why Knowtulus LMS?

  • Get your own website under your own brand.
  • Allow your students to study online.
  • Notify them with custom messages, News, etc…

Knowtulus LMS Features

  • Plan their studies with our unique study planner which creates a custom plan for your students based on their study preferences, the planner will help student get minutest detail about his/her plan of study.
  • Take practice test online on specific subject or topic
  • Take full exam paper and compare themselves with fellow students.
  • Watch videos of important concepts
  • View presentations on various important concepts.
  • Read important notes
  • Solve their queries on Forum.
  • Get detailed analysis and indicators of your learning, Preparation so improve on your weak points and keep working on strong points.
  • Add/Edit the content on the website like questions, Videos, Presentations and important concepts.
  • Create their own exam paper for test series.
  • Assign a particular exam paper to group of students.
  • Create various reports to get analysis of student performance or collective performance of the group of students
  • Be part of the forum to interact with students and solve their queries.

  • Send SMS to your students for various notifications.
  • Add testimonials, News, Results and other necessary information.
  • Promote your institute with strong SEO.
  • Use social media plugins to promote your activities on social media platform.


Knowtulus offers unique services to teachers which will make them technology enabled and utilize the technology to promote themselves in better and most effective way.

Data Digitization

Knowtulus offers help in having strong digital presence by converting all your data in digital format that can help in better management of your content

Video Encryption and Security

If you want to expand your base and reach out to people who cannot be part of your physical coaching, we will help you in creating your video lectures and help you in making it reach maximum number of audience who can learn on their laptops by watching videos, but it very secure way.

Customized Website

Get a nice customized website to have strong web presence.

Android Based Application

Get android application under your own brand name.