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What We offer

Knowtulus started with an idea of providing a software utility to small and medium companies to manage their recruitment process, the basic idea was discussed among family members namely Dilip, Pooja, Kapil and Amit. The idea got evolved and refined and we decided to create a common framework for exam management system and we came up with our first product in year 2010, after testing the product among user group we got positive feedback and we formally launched Knowtulus as proprietary firm and started marketing products developed for students to prepare for various entrance exams. In 2013 Knowtulus started full-fledged development center in Pune and become private limited company and started creating more products on web and mobile devices.

We want to enable our customers in achieving their dreams by developing innovative, cost effective and easy to use software products which will satisfy their needs. We also want to be the leader in software products and services, by being a great place to work and innovate, where people are motivated to make this world a better place by offering best in quality products and services. In the process, make Knowtulus one of the most profitable organization, but a profit that is earned by benefiting world.

Benefits with Knowtulus

Dilip Kalantri
Dilip is Managing Director of Knowtulus.Dilip is an Instrumentation Engineer from Pune University and have been working in Software product development industry since 2003. He has worked on creating products in training and assessment for various clients all across the world. He has sound knowledge of User requirements understanding, project management and product development. Dilip has extensively worked on Marketing of the products and at Knowtulus Dilip looks after product conceptualization and business development part.