• Get Free Version For Each Product and take trial for it.
  • Get Android apps for Teachers and students.
  • Video Security system to secure your Video.

Student CDs

What is serial number?

Serial number is printed on the CD. This looks like as below. If you have downloaded the software from website Knowtulus will send you the Serial number separately.

What is product id?

Product id will be visible after installing the software for first time. Product id will be unique for every PC. Product id looks as below.

What is Product Key?

Once the user sends the Product id and the serial number to Knowtulus, Knowtulus will send back the Product Key. This key is necessary to work the software on respective machine. Product Key should be added at the following location

How to register the Knowtulus Software with Knowtulus?

Once you install the Knowtulus Campus on your computer/laptop and starts the Knowtulus Campus you will get the following registration screen.

Trial Period
The user can generate the three tests for this tool by clicking on Trial. These three tests can be generated at one time or at different times. Trial is not the time bound but its number of test bound.

Registration Process
Once the Knowtulus Campus is installed and user is finished with the trial tests, Knowtulus Campus must be registered to use all the features. To register the Knowtulus Campus user needs to send following two things to Knowtulus Technologies Pvt.Ltd.

Serial Number :- This number is displayed on your CD.
Product Id :- This product id is visible in the registration screen shown above.
These two things you can send to Knowtulus Technologies Pvt.Ltd through Email or SMS.
E-mail Us on : info@knowtulus.com

  • Go to your mobile Message Window.
  • Type KNOTREG ,Add Space.
  • Enter your Serial Number(The number can be printed on CD or via Email In case of online download),Add Space.
  • Enter your Product ID.
  • Send your message to 56263456.
  • You will receive your product id on your mobile.
  • For Example:KNOTREG ENG1001157 1R1J7-FTC1Q-1WH7H-KLTC6

Once Knowtulus Technologies Pvt.Ltd receive the above mentioned information Knowtulus will respond you with the ProductKey.This Key must be entered in the Product Key tab shown in above screen shot.
After this click on Register button. After this you will get the message that Registration is Successful.

Can I use the Software without registration?

Yes. For trial period only.

Can I install one software on multiple computers?

No, you can't install one software on multiple computers.

How to do create test from software?/Can I take test on full exam?/Can I select difficulty level for test of my choice?

Practice test: You can create test as per your choice for any subject/s on any topic/s at any difficulty level for requires number of questions.

Full Exam: You can create full paper as per exam pattern like JEE paper pattern for 12th science. You can also add your own test pattern.

Old Paper: You can create Old paper for existing exam patterns..

What if I formatted my computer? Will I be able to use software again?

Yes. You should note the Serial Number provided by Knowtulus and the same serial number can be used after you format and re-install the Knowtulus software.

How can I buy the software?

Yes. You should note the Serial Number provided by Knowtulus and the same serial number can be used after you format and re-install the Knowtulus software.